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Visual identity

Visual identity is one of the pillars of every brand. It hepls the company to tell its story and promote the values it represents. At Elemento, we are aware of the importance of a quality book of standards and a memorable logo. Get in touch.

Brochures and catalogues

By combining a smart text and quality visuals, we guarantee that everyone will stop scrolling when they see your content. How long have you been waiting for one of your employees to prepare a product catalogue for the designer? Do you think it would be cool to have an e-book for your industry, but you don’t have the time to create it? This is what we’re here for.


You’ve written a great text, added outbound links, a couple of stock photos... but have yet to achieve any clicks on your content? We all know that we live in the “non-reading” times. We will express all that you wish to say in a more popular format - the infographic. Clicks guaranteed!

DTP and prepress

Have we already mentioned that we are an agency that takes care of absolutely everything related to content? Text layout, prepress, formatting. If you can’t find the service you need, write to us.

Video creation

You have probably heard that most people will rather watch a video than read a post or an article. Leave it to us to represent you in the best way by using entertaining animations, suitable music and quality scripts. We will create a video to represent your company, an explainer video in which you can explain a certain segment of your business to your customers, or a product video. Get in touch and we’ll start with the briefing.

Visuals for community management

Photographing and branding or stock photographs. Whichever you choose, we follow the values you wish to relay and the messages you wish to send. Educational and entertaining visuals that raise brand awareness are the winning combination in the world of Facebook and Instagram.

About us

Why Elemento

Imagine if you could do everything with just one agency. Web development and visual identity, web texts in Croatian or any other language, translation, illustrations, video, photographs, infographics. That’s right – everything in one place.


Visible results

Our content sells. Period.


All content in one place

No more juggling between different agencies, quotes, measurement units. Everything is contained in one package and you only talk to one person who takes care of everything for you.


Always on time

In Elemento, we live by the deadline. Although, some force majerus really cannot be foreseen (#2020 #neveragain).

Affordable prices

By signing a cooperation agreement, we can offer you special discounts.

All in one place

By ordering visuals, you gain discounts on translation and webpage creation services.

Ask for the Elemento pricelist tailored to your needs

Send us an inquiry and state the services you most often require, and we’ll prepare a special quote.

That’s all fine and nice, but how much does it cost?

Send us an inquiry with a short description of your business and we’ll get back to you with a quote in 30 minutes. Really, start counting.