Consecutive interpreting

Ideal for shorter meetings and fewer participants.

Simultaneous interpreting

Suited for larger groups, such as conferences and other larger events.

On-line interpreting

Consecutive interpreting intended for on-line meetings.

Simultaneous interpreting equipment

In collaboration with our partners, we bring you top-quality technology so that every conference would go smooth and flawless.

About us

Why translate with Elemento?

From an array of translation agencies, why us?


Sophisticated technology

In Elemento, we believe that the future is here and we’ve decided to use the best of what it offers.

Translation tools greatly influence the quality, precision and accuracy of translations. This is why they are implemented throughout our translation process.

We will create a free glossary and translation memory for you, and maintain them regularly.

You can request these files at any moment.

Top experts

A translator can be experienced in translating specialized documents; however, people who work in a certain field will always remain the greatest experts for that field.

This is why we at Elemento included precisely such experts in the translation process in order to ensure that the proper terminology and style is used in the translation.

Economists, engineers, copywriters and proofreaders – you can rest assured that your translation is in safe and expert hands.

Cost optimisation

Our translation tools will recognize text segments that you’ve already translated with Elemento and we will grant you a 50% discount on these segments.

Sounds good?

Contact us and we will analyse your documents against existing translations.

That’s all fine and nice, but how much does it cost?

Send us an inquiry with a short description of your business and we’ll get back to you with a quote in 30 minutes. Really, start counting.